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Want to start a chip tuning business? This course will take you through the process of chip tuning and will give you a solid understanding into what you need to know to start your own tuning business. The course contains the information required to learn how to reflash or chip tune a vehicle using a laptop. We cover the tools you need and how to grow a successful business.

This course will provide you with a detailed understanding of the Engine Management System works, how Engine Management Systems are configured and the principles of reflashing.

The course is held in a relaxed and informal environment. We provide all course material and refreshments. This course is aimed at individuals who have a basic knowledge of the operation of a
4-stroke petrol engine and wants to understand how to reflash (chip) Engine Management Systems. A certificate will be provided upon completion of the course.

Just a few of the topics covered in this course are:

  • Introduction to the ECU
  • ECU Types
  • Remapping Tools
  • K-line and CAN-Bus
  • Background Debug Modules (BDM) tuning
  • Practicals and Hands-on workshop
  • Remapping Software
  • Checksums
  • On Board Diagnostic Ports (ODB)

Individuals who know how to chip tune and want to learn how to create their own maps should attend our File Tuning Course.

  • Attendee Prerequisites - None
  • Duration - 1 Day
  • Cost - £495


Local accommodation is available at discounted rates for our course attendees.
See here for details.

We will shortly be announcing the next venue for this course
Click on the link below to register your interest, there is no commitment and and we will contact you with the next course dates as soon as they become available.

New Course Dates Announced
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"A thoroughly interesting and comprehensive course that covers a great deal of ground, de-mystifying many tuning concepts. A great balance of theory and observable practical demonstrations. Perfectly pitched at serious amateurs and professionals alike."
Graham Pritchard
Tech Edge 3B1
A very capable Wideband Lambda, packed with useful features....