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EMA has just invested in a new Dyno Dynamics rolling road. We have housed this in a new dyno cell with superb ventilation and cooling capability. More information about the rolling road is here.

The new facility will allow us to teach live mapping giving hands on experience to our students in a safe environment.

We can demonstrate how changing the fuelling, ignition timing and injection timing affects the way an engine runs. We can also allow students to experience live mapping on a car.

This facility, combined with our class room practical and theory sessions, allows students to learn new techniques quickly in a controlled environment.

To get involved, check out our courses here.

Our Turbo Hayabusa Project Car. Target 1000bhp per ton.

To achieve this target we’ve built a strengthened Hayabusa motorbike engine with stronger internals, we’ve lowered the compression ratio (to cope with the high boost levels we plan to run) and designed and built our own intake and exhaust manifolds.

The intake manifold on the standard bike engine uses individual throttle bodies. We’ve converted to a plenum setup with internal trumpets and Injector Dynamics 1000cc per min injectors. These injectors can potentially deliver enough fuel for up to 600bhp. We’re running a Nissan 350Z electronic throttle – this allows us to run varying pedal position to throttle position ratios (amongst other things) which will help with drivability. Traction could be an issue.

Most available Hayabusa turbo manifolds are designed for bikes and do not fit in the MK Indy chassis very well. So we made our own. We are using a Garrett GT3076 turbo and Tial wastegate.

In the pic below the exhaust is tacked together ready for TIG welding. All fabrication work has been done in house by Anthony.

Custom fabrication of the tanks and engine mounts.

At the moment the car weighs 504kg. This will creep up a bit when we add fuel, oil, coolant etc – but we should still get to our 1000bhp per tonne.

The most exciting thing for us is that we’ve gone for a very advanced engine management system. We’re using the Syvecs S8. This is produced for Syvecs by Life Racing, who are heavily involved in motorsport engine management design for Le Mans Prototypes, F1 engine control and many other areas. The Syvecs system is extremely flexible and allows us to run close loop knock control, drive by wire throttle, launch control, anti-lag along with traction control. It also has fantastic sensor error detection, limp modes and engine cut – if things do go wrong.

Here are a couple of screen shots:

So far we’ve completed the majority of the wiring and got the engine running. Next up, we need to tidy up all the odds and ends and get it mapped.

Here's a video of it running:

More updates will follow, including the mapping and dyno videos.

We recently exhibited at the Kit and Sports Car Show at Exeter.

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"A thoroughly interesting and comprehensive course that covers a great deal of ground, de-mystifying many tuning concepts. A great balance of theory and observable practical demonstrations. Perfectly pitched at serious amateurs and professionals alike."
Graham Pritchard
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