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Jez has been mapping vehicles for over 10 years and continues to setup road and race cars today. During this time he has developed some of the most powerful engines in their class. He has designed his own ECU tuning system and he won the Time Attack Championship in 2006. Jez planned, fitted and mapped the engine management system on the EMA Turbo Hayabusa car.

Anthony designs and develops knock detection and control systems. His products are used by professional tuners and major vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Anthony currently owns a 1000 bhp per ton car which he built and fabricated. He has also built a wide variety engines from turbo charged Hayabusas to 7 litre V8s.

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"A thoroughly interesting and comprehensive course that covers a great deal of ground, de-mystifying many tuning concepts. A great balance of theory and observable practical demonstrations. Perfectly pitched at serious amateurs and professionals alike."
Graham Pritchard
Tech Edge 3B1
A very capable Wideband Lambda, packed with useful features....