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Engine Management Systems ECU Mapping Courses

We provide a range of courses that cover all aspects of engine management systems and mapping. We recommend that people who are familiar with engine management systems take the introduction course before any of the others – we cover a lot of the theory behind engine management systems and explain how and why EMSs are configured the way they are.

Our Engine Mapping Courses are held at prominent locations around the UK – either at race circuits or dyno facilities. Every participant will receive course notes, handouts and a certificate of attendance. We provide refreshments throughout the day, including lunch.

Click on the links below for details and booking information.

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"A thoroughly interesting and comprehensive course that covers a great deal of ground, de-mystifying many tuning concepts. A great balance of theory and observable practical demonstrations. Perfectly pitched at serious amateurs and professionals alike."
Graham Pritchard
Tech Edge 3B1
A very capable Wideband Lambda, packed with useful features....