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This month we have a review on the Tech Edge 3B1 Wideband Lambda.

Tech Edge 3B1

Tuning / Wideband

The 3B1 Techedge WBLS is a semi-professional high accuracy oxygen sensor driver. It supports a number of different sensors and has many user analogue inputs. The device has an internal memory of 1Mb which is enough to store about 1 hours worth of data, sampling 10 times a second. The device can drive displays to show AFR or lambda and can also output directly to a PC via a serial cable. Fresh air calibration is carried out automatically with the supplied PC software ā€“ this accounts for sensor and cabling differences and aging.

Key Features

  • Accuracy within 0.1 AFR (Lambda +/- 0.005).
  • 10.5 to 19.5 Volt DC operation (up to 3 Amps).
  • Supports LSU 4.0/4.2 (Bosch 6066/7057 family) as well as NTK (L1H1/L2H2) sensor (requires NTK sensor cable). Support for LSU 4.9 sensor (designed for accurate lean region, as well as rich, operation)
  • NBsim narrowband output (10 bit PWM signal & configurable too).
  • SVout 10 bit configurable (for LD01 display too).
  • RPM input from Tacho or ECU for logging.
  • Free logging software (TEWBlog upgrade available at a small price).
  • 1 Mega byte on-board logging memory.
  • WBlin configurable wideband up to 8 Volt output (12 bit DAC accuracy).
  • 6 analogue inputs configurable as:
    • up to 6 of 0 to 5 Volt inputs (4 differential, 2 single ended).
    • up to 4 of thermocouple inputs (all differential) .
    • Additional pulse input channel (for vehicle speed, etc.)

Our Opinion

What we like:

The overall unit is good with a strong focus on technical design. The TechEdge web site is a gold mine of technical information and contains wiring diagrams for all the sensors and cables. This is a great help if/when you manage to damage a cable. Auto fresh air calibration Plenty of inputs and onboard logging

Could be better:

The serial cable and power cable could be better. Iā€™d like to see more robustness built into both. Also, it would be better if the power cable was fused near the crocodile clips ā€“ in case of cable damage and shorting when in use.


A very capable Wideband Lambda, packed with useful features.
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"A thoroughly interesting and comprehensive course that covers a great deal of ground, de-mystifying many tuning concepts. A great balance of theory and observable practical demonstrations. Perfectly pitched at serious amateurs and professionals alike."
Graham Pritchard
Tech Edge 3B1
A very capable Wideband Lambda, packed with useful features....